My favorite stuffed animal when I was a child was a Scottie dog. I was five. It’s my first dog memory, and it must have started there, because real dogs soon came into the picture. First there were my uncle Tom’s Golden Retrievers.  He had four of them through my childhood years and named each one of them Lady. Next was our family dog Joe Willie, an American Cocker Spaniel named after Joe Willie Namath. In my adult years there was Tammy, our Lassie look-alike; Charlotte, my Golden Retriever alpha female; Talli, Charlotte’s half-sister, an incredibly devoted Golden we adopted from my close friend; Blue, an abandoned Siberian Husky currently living on Lake Vermilion; and now Olivia, our daughter’s clever little Jack Russel-German Shepherd mix from Mendoza, South America.

I have always loved dogs. I believe dogs bring out the best in us. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted, and affectionate. They enrich our lives in ways unexplainable, but bottom line, they are there, waiting for you at the front door, every time you come home.

Please share with me a photo of your dog through my e-mail at the bottom of the page.  I look forward to sharing your fellow furry friends photos.

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