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Pricing Lake Cabins & Vacation Property

I was scanning through the MLS today looking specifically for lake cabins, attempting to refresh my memory on what is currently for sale. In doing so, I was once again reminded that many of our lake shore properties have been on the market for a long, long time. As a seller or seller’s agent, how concerned should we be about days on market? What are the costs?


Real Estate Photos; Marketing or Misleading?

For the past month I’ve been fortunate to be working with a number of active buyers.  The properties being pursued by this diverse group range from high-end vacation properties to starter homes to rural homes to homes for growing families.  It’s been interesting to watch and listen to their reactions upon touring some of the homes they’ve researched online.  Their feedback has been eye-opening as well.


The Power of the Coldwell Banker Brand

Brand Power
Have you seen the latest Coldwell Banker TV advertisement “Home is Where the Dog Is?”  (more…)

Seasonal Septic System Care

The cold temperatures and modest snow cover has many of us thinking about frozen septic systems. There is not a homeowner among us who doesn’t cringe when we hear a loved one say “Honey, the toilet isn’t flushing.” The problem is by this time of year we’ve already missed the seasonal window for preventative maintenance. What you do with your system in spring, summer and fall can keep you clear of wintertime failures that can be quite costly, to say nothing about inconvenient. (more…)

October 2014 NE Minnesota Housing Market Highlights

The October housing reports were just released and there were a couple of interesting developments.  The data is from the Range Association of Realtors (RAOR) Multiple Listing Service.  Here are some of the highlights. (more…)

Buying Hunting Land in Northeast Minnesota

Well, the 2014 deer hunting season is in full swing and I had the opportunity to log some time in the deer stand over the past weekend.  Sitting in a deer stand allows you the time to let your mind go and think about a variety of topics without the normal interruptions of everyday life.  Besides contemplating whether I really needed another chocolate chip cookie, I thought about what constitutes a prime piece of hunting land in this part of Minnesota. (more…)

September 2014 NE Minnesota Housing Market Highlights

The September housing reports became available this week and as I perused through them I noticed a few continuing trends, as well as some things that appear to be changing course.  This data is from the Range Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.  Here are some of the highlights I pulled from the reports.


Your Wildernest Website Highlights

Welcome to Your Home, Your Cabin, Your Wildernest website. We hope that you enjoy our site and would welcome your feedback. It is our intent that this site serves as a “one stop shop” for all your real estate property needs across northeast Minnesota. This site allows you to search for properties listed in either the Range MLS or the Duluth MLS.  I can show you any home you find, whether it’s my listing or a listing from another brokerage. (more…)

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